We are creating a compassionate businesses cooperative in which 100% of all profits go to animal rescues, clinics, and sanctuaries.  Our goal is to open businesses around the world that provide cruelty-free & environmentally friendly products and services.  We need your help to make this a reality.  Please consider becoming a member today!

The traditional non-profit model is to take in donations and pay operating expenses from those donations.  This keeps the organization limited in size depending on the donations received.  A bad year of donations can cause enormous financial strain on the organization.

Compassion, Inc’s model is to use donations and membership contributions to start profitable companies, which provide jobs and job training to far more people than a traditional non-profit, and the profits can support many more rescues and sanctuaries.  This model will continue to grow with the same level of donations, and a bad year of donations will only slow down the growth and not impact the health of the current organization.

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Come visit us at the Seed in New York! ...

1 month ago

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2 months ago

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We have our Business Directory on the website up, and we are looking for business members join. We are seeking vegan businesses willing to offer our members discounts on their products. If you know any vegan businesses that would like to join, please let me know!

We are also seeking volunteers to table for us at vegfests and other vegan events!

2 months ago

Compassion, Inc. created an World Vegan Summit. ...

Join us at this wonderful event!

World Vegan Summit

March 20, 2015, 10:00am

Marina del Rey Marriott

Join us at this wonderful event!

3 months ago

Please consider supporting Rocky Ridge Rescue, and please share this video! ...

It's been a busy year! Lot's of rescues and meeting new volunteers. Thank you!

5 months ago

We are officially a 501(c)3 today:) ...

6 months ago

Compassion, Inc. shared peta2.com's video.

ABSOLUTELY GUT-WRENCHING: This fox struggles as he's forced onto a platform & electrocuted to DEATH for his fur. SHARE to show everyone why wearing fur is WRONG! peta2.me/2q5uw

7 months ago

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Marjorie HagerichI've seen this I couldn't even finish it . It was awful that poor little guy he's so pretty But alive not dead. I cant understand those people I really don't . They have no feelings at all I guess you have to look back doing the war with them look what they did to our boys & even germans to there just a bad sort of human kind. But I believe someday everyone will be judge by God7 months ago   ·  1
Linda McClendonI don't want these anymore. Heartbreaking.7 months ago
Sue MuellerSO SAD7 months ago
Jen GarciaDisgusting!!7 months ago
Bob MartinA crime that they should stick one of those probes up both of their butts7 months ago
John John Bongo ArribasFuck you sorry assholes...I would break you necks and pummel you floppy skulls into fragmented bone and bloody pulp..I hope you all die of throat and brain cancer7 months ago
Sheila Allendont buy fur.dont buy fur trims on jackets hats ect.i dont buy anything with fur.even if it says fake fur i still dont buy iy.take a dam stand.its everyones fault.you buy fur you did this.7 months ago
Sherlie BrackenWhere did such take place?7 months ago
Barbara Vesthope those people don't have children if they need to be taken away these people are sick need to be locked up7 months ago
Margaret HustedCan't watch, but know that it's sickening7 months ago
Faye Swain-PaolinoI would not show my face either if I were that cruel to animals.7 months ago
Pat AlamBASTARDS!!!!7 months ago
Carolyn Dee BogerI wish they would do that to these people. They deserve it but our animals. don't.7 months ago

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